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Acetocaustin 0.5 ml. View full size

Acetocaustin 0.5 ml.

Acetocaustin is a substance designed to treat warts.

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Acetocaustin 0.5 ml.

Solution for application to the skin
Active substance: monochloroacetic acid
The active substance is monochloroacetic acid 100 mg solution for use on the skin containing 50 mg monochloroacetic acid.
Additional ingredient - distilled water.

Acetocaustin is available in a pack of 0.5 ml solution for application to the skin. Acetocaustin is used to burn ordinary warts (Verrucae vulgaris).

Atacocaustin is a substance designed to treat warts.

Do not use acetoceucine:
- if you have hypersensitivity to monochloroacetic acid
- on the face (solution does not fall on the eyes, the lining of the nose and mouth)
- in the area of the genitals
- on inflamed or injured warts
- immediately after cutting the wart with scalpel or electrocoagulator, after cryo surgery, subcutaneous injection of bleomycin, and lasez therapy. (This is especially important when the skin is flushed or inflamed, in which case it is necessary to wait for at least 4 weeks until the redness and inflammation have completely subsided, and then it can be started with the administration of acetocetin.)
- such as stretch marks or senile / elderly / warts
- patients who are known to develop scarring / keloids /

Acetokactin should be given with special care when:
- there are doubts about the diagnosis (that is, skin changes are not categorically defined as warts)
- has immune deficiency

Atackastatin should not be administered without medical supervision:
- in patients with diabetes, polyneuropathy, peripheral vascular disease or diseases accompanied by impaired blood flow and / or impaired sensitivity,

Use Acetokastine to be given by a doctor or specially trained staff. Do not use acetoceucine:
- during pregnancy (although no embryotoxic effect is known)
- in women who can not safely exclude pregnancy
- during breastfeeding

3. HOW TO APPLY Acetocaustin
If your doctor has not recommended anything, apply a small amount of Atackastatin solution once a week with the spatula on the wart.

The average treatment duration is 5 weeks.

Please contact your doctor or pharmacist if you think that the effect of Atackastatin is too strong or too weak.

Before treatment, healthy skin around the wart should be protected with a thick, well-covering cream (for example, petroleum jelly or zinc paste) to protect against the corrosive action of Atacocaustin. This protection can prevent unnecessary spreading of the solution to possible cracks in the skin, which may even occur if the application is accurate, if the cracks are without prior protection. Jewelry, such as rings, near the treated area should be undone beforehand, as swelling is possible (see "Undesirable effects").

Then a small amount of Atacocaustine is applied to the spatula only on the wart.
Because Atacocaustin has a powerful caustic effect, it should only be applied to the wart and allowed to dry. The maximum area to be treated does not exceed 2 cm. It is approximately 1.4 cm x 1.4 cm. If more than one wart is in the treated area, apply the solution to only one wart, and wait for it to be checked. there is no reaction. Not long after, the cells destroyed by the corrosive action of Atacocaustin will become whitish.
If multiple scratches are required depending on the size and type of the wart, the affected area should be washed with warm water before the solution is applied. Dead tissue should not be removed mechanically prior to administering the acetokactin solution because even the least damage to the skin's integrity may cause inflammation.

When opening the vial, it is important to know:
Acetocaustin is stored in a child-resistant vial.

Opens as follows:
Open the vial by simultaneously pressing and turning the cap, Take the vial and place it on a hard pad that is resistant to caustic solutions. Do not allow contact with textiles, clothing or table cloths.

Then remove the cap with the spatula fitted in it. Test the acetokactin solution with the spatula on a white sheet of paper.

If the skin areas of the warts are very thin, acetoceucine should be administered at longer intervals and controlled more often, since acetoceucine may cause scarring.

The average treatment duration is 5 weeks.

Important warning about the active substance of Acetocaustin
Overdose and other application errors
Special Recommendations:
When on a healthy skin - due to an Acetocaustin mistake, it is necessary to immediately rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation occurs despite the rinsing of the skin, treat it as incineration.
Please consult your doctor if the complaints continue.

Side effects may occur during administration of Acetocaustin. The Adverse Reaction Score is based on frequency response information as follows:

Very common:
More than 1 out of 10 people treated

Less than 1 out of 10 but more than 1 out of 100 people treated

Less than 1 out of 100 but more than 1 out of 1,000 treated

Less than 1 out of 100 but more than 1 out of 10,000 treated individuals

Very rare:
Less than 1 out of 10,000 treated persons

Frequency of appearance that can not be estimated based on available information

Unwanted reactions
- inflammation of the skin, such as burning, reddening of the skin (this is particularly the case when Atackastatin is administered in vivo after cut-off of the wart with a scalpel / electrocoagulator, after cryosurgery, subcutaneous injection of bleomycin, as well as injured warts after laser therapy.)
- burning and wrinkling of the skin around the wart (these reactions are mostly observed when the precautions explained in "WAY OF APPLICATION" are not observed)

- formation of scarring
- hypersensitivity reactions

In some cases, hypersensitivity reactions such as redness, swelling, blistering and pain occurring outside the treated area may occur. In the presence of bubbles or an inflammatory reaction, treatment should be discontinued.

If you notice any of the above side effects or not listed in this leaflet, please tell your doctor to evaluate how serious they are and take the necessary precautions.

5. HOW IS AN Acetocaustin STORED?
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
Do not use after the expiry date stated on the packaging.



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Acetocaustin 0.5 ml.

Acetocaustin 0.5 ml.

Acetocaustin is a substance designed to treat warts.

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