Anapolon 50

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It is an oral steroid that is derived from dehydrotestosterone. It is the - strongest oral steroid available. Inherent androgenic effect of this product is similar to tat of testosterone. High androgenity is accompanied by a high anabolic activity. This combination makes anapolon an exceptional product for muscle mass.

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Anapolon - Oxymetholone


Anapolon 50, 50mg/tablet

Packing: 20 Tablets in a blister pack
Appearance: White box with a blister of 20 tablets
Manufacturer: Ibrahim Substance

Oxymetholone, better known by its trade names Anadrol or Anapolon gives excellent results in the accumulation of mass and increase strength - plus 20 kg. almost immediately from the bench, but is one of the most toxic steroids, and the only group that scientifically proven to lead to cancer of the liver over time. Because of the explosive burst of power increases the risk of rupture of muscle or tendon in training. When taking Anadrol does not accept any alcohol because the combination of the two is impossible for the liver. After the fourth week drug should be stopped and must be taken into methionine or supplements that stimulate the recovery of the liver. For this to work, far higher doses are needed - often half of the 50 mg. pill is doing a good job.

Oxymetholone is a synthetic derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and toxicity as the power comes from the long period of half-life - 8 hours. Being a derivative of DHT, Anadrolat not converted into estrogen metabolites and reduces the activity of 5-alpha reductase.

As quickly saturates hormanalnite receptors increases very rapidly Anapolonat muscle bulk and strength, but the effect is lost also rapidly after cessation. This is due to the fact that muscle growth is a result of little action. He more water retention and becomes oiled machine joints, which increases the strength and intensity during training, while also reducing joint pain and injuries. Most water, however, bears and swelling, bloating and high blood pressure.

Other cons of Anadrolat are well known - balding, acne (due to elevated levels of dihydrotestosterone), nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, agitation and more aggressiveness, problems urinating, and yellowing of the skin because of its strong toxic effect on the liver. Only 3 tablets a day is equivalent to taking 30 tablets of 5 mg Bionabol. (!).

The ratio of anabolic and androgenic action Oxymetholone is 5:8. Not bind strongly to androgen receptors, but activated them. Derivative 17-alpha-methyl DHT is associated with active sex hormone-binding globulin, thereby increasing the levels in the free circulation of both testosterone and estrogen. The latter often causes unwanted as gynecomastia in men.

Another plus is increasing quantities of red blood cells (increased erythropoiesis), and hence the supply and utilization of oxygen for greater durability and effectiveness of training. But the truth is that in this respect other androgens and give better results.

Inhibition of the work of the hypothalamus can completely stop the production of gonadotrophic hormone, so its combination of stimulating the synthesis of gonadotropins preparation is required. Athletes often combined with other oksimetolona steroid nandrolone decanoate preparations such as, Primobolan, Anavar and parabolic. In response to steroids, however, Anadrol and pro-testosterone preparations are not taken at once, and with some tolerance during the day to not increase side effects. For the same reason it is not recommended for use over 40 years of age to reduce the risk of liver cancer or prostate. After stopping taking some time to continue with testosterone enanthate or sustanon 250.

In an initial intake of Anadrol, the starting dose is 50 mg., Which increased to 100 mg. after at least 7-10 days - one tablet in the morning and evening. If there are problems with the stomach, the tablets are taken with food or milk. To priktapyat side effects tablets can be divided into smaller parts and taken at regular intervals during the day. Depending on tolerance, can take between 25 and 150 mg. day, duration of intake should not exceed 4-6 weeks. Anadrolat is absolutely contraindicated in heart disease, liver problems or kidney problems, diabetes or allergies to androgens.

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