Neopholic Meta 0.4 mg. 90 tablets


NEOPHOLIC META are orange, packed in blisters of 30 tablets, each containing 0.4 milligrams of L-methylfolate.
L-methylfolate is the active form of folic acid that acts as a coenzyme in the biosynthesis of amino acids and nucleic acid bases.


Neopholic Meta 0.4 mg. 90 tablets

Each NEOPHOLIC META tablet contains 0.4 milligrams (400 micrograms) of L-methylfolate (L-methyl folic acid).
The other ingredients of the tablet are microcrystalline cellulose, lactose, corn starch, magnesium stearate, coloring agent E 110.


NEOFOLIC META are orange, packed in blisters of 30 tablets, each containing 0.4 milligrams of L-methylfolate.
L-methylfolate is the active form of folic acid that acts as a coenzyme in the biosynthesis of amino acids and nucleic acid bases.

Deficiency of folic acid leads to disturbances in the build-up and development of cells in the human body, causing defects in the neural tube formation of the fetus and causing the occurrence of spina bifida. Deficiency of folic acid also causes disorders in the haematopoietic apparatus, which is clinically manifested as macrocytic anemia.

Folic acid in the body performs its function only after it has become L-methylfolate. Until then, it is not active and has no biological activity. Conversion of folic acid to L-methylfolate is a complex and multi-stage process that in 12% of pregnant women can not be accomplished due to a genetic enzyme defect.

Therefore, in these women there is a risk of having a child with spina bifida despite taking folic acid, while taking NEOPHOLIC META this risk is eliminated.
NEOPHOLIC META is a nutritional supplement intended for pregnant women and women planning pregnancy in the next 3 months, as well as for people taking folic acid from food at a lower dose than their daily needs. Proper and regular acceptance of NEOFOLIK META promotes normal pregnancy and significantly reduces the risk of developing spina bifida in the newborn as well as other congenital anomalies.


Spina bifida is a serious birth defect of the spine. This defect affects the spinal cord, the vertebrae, the muscles and the skin forming the spine. This defect occurs during the formation of the head and spinal cord during the fourth week of pregnancy, i. E. six weeks from the last menstrual cycle. In most cases, this happens before the woman realizes she is pregnant.

Depending on the severity of spina bifida, the defect may be visible on the back of the newborn, but in less severe cases no visible anatomical changes are observed. The worst forms, representing a fully open spine, are incompatible with life. In lighter forms, a permanent leg weakness, reduced sensitivity and difficulty in walking can be observed. These forms often lead to disability. The lightest forms have symptoms of spitting and difficult control of defecation.

Any woman may have a baby with spina bifida, even in cases where there is no evidence of such a defect in the family history of the parents. Approximately 1 in 1,000 babies are born with spina bifida and another 1 in 1,000 babies is born with another neural tube defect. Taking 0.4 milligrams of folic acid 1 month before pregnancy and during the first three months of pregnancy reduces the risk of spina bifida up to 80%.

Do not take NEOPHOLIC META if:

• You have ever had an allergic reaction to L-methylfolate, folic acid or some of the other ingredients of the tablet. The most common symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, itching, swelling of the lips and face, shortness of breath. Ask your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.

Consult your doctor if:
• You are born with spina bifida
• You have had a previous pathological pregnancy, as a result of which your child was born with spina bifida or any other birth defect of the neural tube
• You suffer from epilepsy treated with phenobarbital, phenytoin or pyrimidone
• Take medicines that inhibit the metabolism of folic acid - methotrexate, trimethoprim, or reduce its absorption in the gastrointestinal tract - contraceptives, anticonvulsants
• You have undergone surgery with resection of the small intestine

These conditions require the administration of higher doses of folic acid.


The daily requirement of the folic acid body is 0.2 milligrams (200 micrograms). In pregnancy this need increases. The dose of 0.4 milligrams has been established in the world practice As a sufficient daily dose to compensate for the increased needs of pregnant women of folic acid. In case your doctor has not prescribed anything else, take 1 tablet of NEOPHOLIC META daily. Do not miss a daily intake. In order not to miss your daily dose, turn your NEOFOLIK META into a part of your daily schedule. The daily intake of NEOPHOLIC META should not exceed 2 tablets.


Regarding the normal course of pregnancy and reducing the risk of developing spina bifida in the newborn, it is recommended to take NEOFOLIC META to start at least 1 month before
If pregnancy is not planned, start taking NEOPHOLIC META as soon as it is established. Since it is difficult to predict the onset of pregnancy, it is recommended that every woman who is likely to become pregnant should take 1 tablet of NEOPHOLIC META every day.


L-methylfolate orally is not toxic to humans. This does not mean that overdosing is harmless. Prolonged administration of L-methylfolate at very high doses may lead to unpredictable and undesirable side effects. Therefore, it is recommended that the daily dose does not exceed 1 milligram or 2 tablets of NEOPHOLIC META unless a higher dose is prescribed by your doctor.
In very rare cases, there is an intolerance to L-methylfolate or other excipients of the tablet. If you experience rash, itching, swelling of your lips and face, or shortness of breath after taking NEOPHOLIC META, stop taking the medicine and consult your doctor.


For leukemia, except in cases where folic acid deficiency is needed.


Keep the preparation at room temperature in places out of reach of children.
Store NEOFOLIK META in the original package.
Do not use the product after its expiration or if the integrity of its packaging is impaired.



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