Female Active Complex syrup 237 ml.


Nutrient preparations are products that contain ingredients of natural origin - plant extracts, minerals and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Their deficiency causes the development of pre-diabetic conditions,


A special formula for the complex maintenance of women's health

Nutrient preparations are products that contain ingredients of natural origin - plant extracts, minerals and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Their deficiency causes the development of prebiotic conditions, weakening of the body's defense and reducing its adaptive capacity. They are used as food supplements.

ADLiquid Female Active Complex - biologically active substances with medicinal properties in colloidal solution. The preparation is recognized as a powerful tool for maintaining complex therapy and prophylaxis of various diseases of female sexual and hormonal systems, including age pathology. It is well tolerated. The efficacy and superior results of ADLiquid Female Active Complex have been proven with scientific tests under the control of gynecologists and other specialists.

The application of ADLiquid Female Active Complex in the form of an enhanced colloidal solution promotes the rapid and full intake and penetration of biologically active substances in the bloodstream, thanks to the abundant supply of mucous membranes. The action of the active ingredients is longer and they are not retained in the digestive tract as much as the capsules or tablets. The exclusive technology applied by AD Medicine LTD allows to preserve the required pH and stable properties of the product. The production technology allows the ion particles to be charged with a particular electromagnetic field in the process of preparing the liquid nutrient form, which holds them in the suspension, increasing the useful properties of the chemical elements.

The balanced combination of ADLiquid Female Active Complex with standard pharmacological agents, under the supervision of the attending physician, helps reduce the amount of medication administered to patients whose condition requires a supportive, delicate approach, thus increasing the efficacy of treatment, successful treatment of concomitant diseases and conditions. ADLiquid Female Active Complex is capable of effectively supplementing conventional conventional therapeutic agents, lengthening and enhancing their effects, reducing or eliminating side effects of drug therapy, optimizing the condition of the body during remission, and preventing the development of complications after illness.

ADLiquidTM Female Active Complex is pleasing to taste and simple to administer, and the intake of liquid preparations is much more convenient than other methods (such as vaginal, anal, intramuscular, and venous).

ADLiquidTM Female Active Complex is designed for women who prefer to minimize the intake of strong chemical drugs without reducing the intensity of the therapy being administered, or to take preparations that do not contain impurities and fillers. The benefits of a given preparation would also be appreciated by people who can not take the tablets in tablets or capsules due to difficulty in swallowing or for other reasons.

Active ingredients:

15 ml of solution contains the following biologically active substances: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - 45 mg; Saw palmetto, fruit extract, 2% fatty acids -150 mg; Turnberry aphrodisiaca / leaf extract 4: 1 - 100 mg; Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), root extract 4: 1 - 100 mg; Benedictine thorn (Cnicus benedictus), leaf extract 4: 1 - 50 mg; Wild Diam (Dioscorea Villosa), root extract 4% diosgenin - 50 mg; Raspberry idaeus, leaf extract - 50 mg NE contains salts, alcohol, wheat, starch, egg white. There are no impurities of heavy metals and other substances dangerous to man.

Female Health Formula.

A nutritional and stabilizing composition of herbs and vitamins to help mitigate changes in physiological condition, reduce stress, balance the hormonal balance in the female organism at various stages of its development.

ADLiquidTM Female Active Complex has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Regulates water-salt metabolism, modulates the functions of the nervous system. There is also low antidepressant action, stimulates osteoblasts, controls blood sugar, normalizes thyroid function, reduces pathological manifestations in menopause. Helps to increase vital energy, stimulates the natural process of hormone production and regulation. There is pronounced prophylactic action.

It is also appropriate to include the formula in the treatment of various female diseases associated with disorders of the vessels, heart, nervous, hormonal and immune systems.

Indications for use in the complex treatment and prophylaxis of:

• Climax and Preclimax

• endometriosis, polycystic ovary

• Premenstrual syndrome

• Menstrual cycle disorders

• prophylaxis of oncological diseases

• premature aging

• Strengthening the overall state

• stress and asthenic conditions

• osteochondropathies, osteoporosis

• emotional lability, depressive states


ADLiquid Female Active Complex has a positive effect on the functions of the female reproductive system. Delicately, it helps to maintain hormonal balance. It supports self-esteem and libido.

Application method:

The recommended dose is 10-15 ml daily, divided into 1 to 3 doses.

The product is taken before a meal, can be diluted with water or juice.

Not to be taken by pregnant and breast-feeding women and children under 12 years of age.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Do not use as a substitute for varied meals!

Storage conditions:

Store at room temperature in a dry place protected from direct sunlight. After opening, store it in the refrigerator. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Interaction with other preparations:

When ADLiquid Female Active Complex and other medicinal products of AD Medicine Ltd were administered concomitantly, no incompatibilities were observed.

AD Medicine's preparations are formulated to regulate metabolic processes in the body and thus improve the functions of the excretory, digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous and immune systems. They help restore the body after illness, intoxications / incl. chemotherapy and radiotherapy), increase its resistance to stress and positively affect emotions and mood.

Colloidal preparations of AD Medicine are the main balancing and modulating factor in the self-regulating human organism.

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