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Structurally, this product is stanozolol intended for oral (internal) use. In fact, it is a fairly potent anabolic-androgenic steroid that is characterized by rapid action. In strength sports,


Structurally, this product is stanozolol intended for oral (internal) use. In fact, it is a fairly potent anabolic-androgenic steroid that is characterized by rapid action. In strength sports, it is mainly used in steroid relief cycles, when the athlete needs to build high-quality muscle (hard and relief, without water retention or fat accumulation).

The active ingredient of the drug, the steroid stanozolol, has long been known to local athletes. The first brands with it as an active substance were introduced in the 60s of the twentieth century. Initially, they were all intended exclusively for medical use: in veterinary or traditional medicine. But, after showing high efficiency as a sports doping, the drug quickly became widespread in bodybuilding, and more.

Steroid profile of Stromba 10 mg index of anabolic activity - 320% of that of testosterone, index of androgenic activity - 30% of that of testosterone; the half-life is up to 12-24 hours, the detection time is at least 3 weeks; hepatotoxicity - yes; aromatization (conversion to estrogen) - no; progestogenic activity - no; suppression of HPTA function (decrease in testosterone synthesis) - yes.

The steroid stanozolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, which is due to many of the pharmacological properties of the drug.

What is the positive effect of Stromba 10mg for the athlete? First of all, the preparation contributes to:


● Quality muscle growth;

● Burning of subcutaneous fat;

● Removal of excess fluid;

● Increased muscle hardness;

● Development of muscle relief;

● Growth of power indicators;

● Increased durability.


The effect of stromba (abbreviated slang form) is partially mediated by a decrease in the concentration of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

What are the side effects of taking Stromba 10 mg The drug is absolutely not characterized by estrogenic or progestogenic side effects, and androgenic side effects are rare, unless possible contraindications and recommendations for use are ignored. However, the preparation cannot be called completely safe. If you take the pill systemically, there is a risk of: high blood pressure, headache, testicular atrophy, joint pain or tendon damage. Also remember that this is a steroid that is toxic to the liver (moderate). Abuse of dosage, frequency of use and duration of the course is strongly discouraged.

The working doses of Stromba 10 mg are chosen individually by the athlete. On average, it is recommended for men to take doses of 20-40 mg per day, for women - 5-10 mg per day (due to the risk of virilization). This is not the best steroid for women, because even at minimal doses, the risk of developing and accumulating symptoms of virilization continues: from increased aggression to enlarged clitoris.

The course of Stromba 10mg can last from 4 to 6 weeks without health consequences, and usually this period of time is enough to feel the positive effects of the drug. For maximum results, we advise you not to abuse, but to combine stanozolol with other drugs and sports pharmacology. Fortunately, it combines well with various active ingredients: for example, testosterone, nandrolone or primobolan.

Let's look at 2 examples:

1. With testosterone propionate and nandrolone decanoate (up to 6-8 weeks) is quite a powerful course for relief / gaining lean muscle mass.

2. With testosterone propionate and trenbolone acetate (up to 6-8 weeks) - the effect is similar to the above, but it is recommended that this combination be taken by advanced athletes who have experience in taking various drugs.

If the application of Stromba 10mg is difficult for you, write to our email and there you will be able to receive individual advice on all your questions about, nutrition and training.

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