Testosterone Enanthate


Weightlifters and pauarliftarite appreciate the quality of this product. Testosterone Enanthate same is valuable in sports where qualities such as brute force, aggression is considered desirable.


Testosterone Enanthate

Packing: 5amp- 250 mg

Appearance: 5amp

Manufacturer: Galenika

Testosterone enanthate is a fat-soluble steroid injection, which is designed to release testosterone slowly from the place in which it is injected. This place is called depot. Already got the body, this hormone has the ability to increase serum for several days, but it remains significantly increased just 2 weeks. In practice, the effect of the drug can stay three weeks. This is the most testosterone prescriptions used to treat hypogonadism and other problems resulting from androgen deficiency.
Testosterone is a powerful hormone, but has significant side effects, as it is easily transformed into estrogen. For novice athletes water retention is possible in a significant manner, leading to the possibility to oily relief muscles, for subcutaneous fluids are produced.

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